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Dedicated to Designing what you mean by gVisual Inspectionh


Striving for more effective visual inspection!

  • Nowadays, requirement for the quality of industrial products has been becoming stricter year by year.  To meet this trend as a manufacturer, it becomes important to put stress on inspection more than ever.  Visual inspection is one of the major inspection method among others.  In many cases it has been carried out by means of naked human eyes, but the staff might be crashed under the snowball of the task of treating ever finer workpieces within ever shorter tact time. 
  • We, specializing in this field of visual inspection technology, have been accumulating abundant experience for more than several years.  That is, we are aiming at replacing human labor with the combined system of computer software and optics. 
  • However, it is very difficult that machine surpasses human performance, especially in the domain of visual inspection technology.  Cognition by human eyes is such an admirable gift of nature.
  • That is what makes our mission so challenging. 
  • On the other hand, machine is sometimes good at what human is bad at.  That is, in this case, to keep constant level of accuracy without fluctuation and high-speed storage, and comparison and retrieval if required, of large amount of result data.  It would be a waste not to take advantage of this feature. 
  • Another difficult‚™ also takes place ‚‰n inspection practice.  Each customerfs workpiece has size, shape and species different from each other, as well as different defects thereon to be checked, depending on industry to which the customer belongs.  We would like to please such our customers through providing appropriate solution that meets their widely varying requirements.  We would be more than happy if our customer says gYoufve got this far,h facing the result of exercise of all our power and efforts. 

Masatoshi SASAI, president