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CCD Review Station

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  • Helps in relieving false-positive specimens
  • Full-color image of defect spots displayed on monitor
  • Affords helpful data for surveying bias and trend of defects
  • Evaluates accuracy of inspection system, which may be fed back to the system
  • Gigabit Ethernet communication with inspection system gives fast passing of defect spot coordinate data, facilitating smooth moving of camera towards the coordinate.
  • In order to check defect spots also by means of naked eyes, they are illuminated by laser pointer.

Typical Specifications

Dimensions 2700~1400~2000o
Size of Specimen max. 250~330o
Strokes of Three-axis Robot

350mm, 350mm , 90mm

(x, y, z-axis directions each)

Communications Gigabit Ethernet
Camera   High-sensitivity camera with 400,000 pixels

Variable magnification zoom lens

(~0.75 to ~3.0)



  • For reviewing specimens rejected by our Precision Visual Inspection System