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High Speed Inspection System


  • System Specializing in Bare PCBs (Printed Circuit Boards)
  • Achieving Industry-Leading Level Tact Time
  • Realized high precise inspection with 3 color lightening and color camera

Typical Specifications

Dimensions 4365~2270~2265(H)o
Weight ca. 1,500 kg
Size of Object PCB From 50~50o to 250~330o
Resolution   20m



Pattern defect / stain on pattern / pattern chipping-off / resist delamination / bumps on gold pad / Foreign material contamination / insufficient or no solder / unreadable character / improper silk printing

Patterned Rigid Substrates

Swollen pattern, thinned pattern, pattern chipping off, prominence, breakage, short circuitry, foreign material contamination

Automobile Parts Bumps, scratches, marking errors