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Why Now Regulus64 Software System?

Productivity Enhanced
Long-term Operability
Build up High performance System
Operation Support Service


Stratified Structure Flexibility
Modular Structure Maintainability

IT Network-Based, Cloud-Oriented Structure

High return-on-investment visual inspection system can be built up by virtue of updating and support via Internet

Processing and Decision Algorithm

Length/Position Measurement
Image Filtering
CAD Data Utilization


System Structure
High Speed Processing
Inspection System Network

Long-Term Full Operation as Megatrade Model

PCB Inspection : An Example of Application

for Automatic Machine / for Desktop Machine / Script language
PC Review Subsystem

Summary Specifications for Software and System

OS Requirement Windows 64bit, Qt (*1); Linux use negotiable
Hardware Single PC, or Distributed processing by Master/Slave Configuration
Data Stratification In use. Item (layer) page Phase Base
Multi-Camera Configuration Max 32,767 cameras. But depends on capture board /driver /memory size.
Multiple Imaging /Scanning 2 or more different image can be taken by 1 camera ,restricted by memory size and processing time.
Maximum Screen Size 2,147,483,648 ~ 2,147,483,648 pixels, restriction by memory size and capture board.
Camera Applicable Line/Area-sensor camera fitted with CameraLink interface, USB Camera, IEEE Camera (Ask us for detail)
Multi-System Configuration Plurality of System, each specifically numbered, can be located on single LAN . Data can be shared.
PC Slot-in Board Applicable PIO board supplied by CONTEC (Japan), Capture board supplied by Graph-In (Japan).
Plug-In Software Each component of Camera, Lighting and Monitor screen, each algorithm filter ,etc.
Machine Control Controlled and commanded through Script language text.
Data Storage Format In-house developed image/algorithm file format, XML database, SQL database (Firebird)
Algorithm Execution sequence can be designated when two or more algorithm is used at a time.
Lot Structure of Data Inspection data are handled by each lot.
Monitor Screen Layout Can be edited by customer.
Multilingual Support Can be served by translating character strings in the Excel file for specification.
Password Setting Hierarchial passwords can be set arbitrarily for each button and command input.
Comment Message Be able to be edited by customer.
Protect Key To be used in version control and license.
General Purpose Inspection Block inspection, Color block inspection
Color Unevenness Inspection True color inspection, Pixel inspection
Line Highlighting Line highlighting without use of Hough transform
Shading Offset Shading offset for respective domain available
Length Measurement Measures contour, hole diameter and hole center
Contour Inspection Detects defects near contour
Comparison with CAD Data With Gerber data for PCB (printed circuit board)
Alignment 3-point alignment, Automatic alignment
Object Area Designation Designates inspection- or masked-area
Automatic Image Saving Every inspection image is saved automatically
Lighting Calibration Lighting intensity is checked and calibrated
Object Area Naming Object area can be named as desired
"Parts" function Same fragment image that appears repeatedly can be registered
as "parts", and is used in nesting structure to give whole image
"Important Area" Designation Alarm or important notice can be issued on finding out of defect in designated area.
Exec Inspection Program in inspection machine
Exec Compilation Program that compiles reference data
Exec Review Review subsystem with PC and Cam
NG Classification Classify type of NG
XML Server Fast XML processing
Result Data Can display or delete inspection result
Screen Layout Component windows are editable
Auto Start-up Automatic
Server Switching One or more servers can be used
DLL Check Checks plug-in DLL
Setting Manager Display and edition of Env setting
Manage Data Display and edition of administrated data
Language Manages multiple language file
Password Handles hierarchial passwords
PIO Status Displays status of Parallel I/O
Slave PC Status Displays status on slave PC(s)
Lens Aberration Adjustment of Aberration